Elan Nutrition & Wellness

At our organization we offer you a scientifically designed programme based on the individual’s needs and schedule. We pride ourselves in listening and customizing everything to make it accessible, affordable and sustainable for our clients.

We firmly believe that each body has the ability to heal itself.

The right and proper food, adequate herbs and to top it a positive mental attitude and required life style changes are certainly help an individual towards A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in the persona of the ones own self. Medically a person can be treated with and of course cured to a certain extent but how can we the other aspects which are equally important and hold equal weight age in our daily lives. To make a real difference we certainly need to help our body in all aspects..We have thus inspired our clients to be more disciplined and religiously inclined towards their approach for a beautiful mind, body and soul.


To offer preventive and curative nutrition information with elegance, innovation and keenness to transform society.


To empower society towards a longer, healthier and more productive life.

Meet Founder & Managing Director...

Noreen Kigochi

She has spent the last few years understanding diet, nutrition and the practical application to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The opportunity to study the practical aspects of obesity, especially child obesity, common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and stress have been at the heart of the process that leads to a wholesome solution provision at our clinic.